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We don't miss a trick?
Whether you have an idea or want us to come up with one, why not get in touch? We understand that every organisation has specific needs and that no one Client is alike. Our creative solutions are bespoke and created for the individual needs of our Clients, be it a B2B or a consumer brand.
Why choose us?
Platinum Media Consulting can provide the experience you need to reach your target audience, whether your aim is to reach existing customers, potential new ones or you just want to spread your message.
We can provide targeted editorial content, eye catching designs and all aspects of print production and distribution.
We can also provide additional services to take your campaign one step further, for example by providing web design or events support.

Why a Magazine?

With digital media being the buzz word, you may wonder if a magazine is what your organisation needs.
At Platinum Media Consulting we are firm believers in the power of print to communicate important messages and to enhance brand awareness, and we are not to only ones…
The power of customer magazines
Research by the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA) in conjunction with the Royal Mail has shown that magazines have a positive impact on readers’ attitudes, perception and behaviour towards a brand. The research also reveals that magazines increase brand awareness and enhance image, but influence sales and are the preferred method of communication for most customers.
Customer magazines build sales:
As many as 53% of consumer magazine readers say they are more likely to purchase products once they have featured in a customer publication.

Customer magazines increase loyalty:
After reading a customer magazine 40% of readers say they are more likely to continue to use the company represented by a particular magazine or to choose that company in the future. Among regular readers these figures rise to 46%.
Customer magazines enhance brand image and awareness :
85% of customer magazine readers think that magazines are a better way than any other form of marketing for clients to tell them about their products and services.
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