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E-Health Magazine
Published with the full support of the NHS and The Department for Innovation Universities and Skills, the E-Health briefing was inserted into The Financial Times. It was first distributed by in July 2008.
As the drive for efficiency intensifies, the health sector is being forced to modernise at a previously unprecedented rate. This briefing described how e-health can increase efficiency in health care, and decrease costs. By avoiding duplicative or unnecessary diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, through enhanced communication possibilities the briefing showed how e-health can bridge the gap between health care establishments and patient involvement.

The publication also explained how e-health can help to improve the quality of care whilst increasing efficiency and reducing costs. E-health may enhance the quality of health care for example by allowing comparisons between different providers, involving consumers as additional power for quality assurance, and directing patient streams to the best quality providers.

The 72 page briefing shows how e-health empowers consumers and patients by making the knowledge bases of medicine and personal electronic records accessible to consumers over the internet. E-health opens new avenues for patient-centred medicine, and enables evidence-based patient choice.

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