Bringing ideas alive
We are proud to have produced a wide range of print media over the last 5 years. From glossy magazines to voucher books, we focus on the Clients’ needs every step of the way and make sure each publication is targeted at the identified market.
British Comedy Awards
The British Comedy Awards magazine is packed with exclusive interviews with high profile comedians and media people and loads of fun bits. This quality magazine was handed out on the awards night, where we also provided further support in preparing some great goody bags.
Day Magazine
A custom title launched for the Warner Leisure Group with their guests in mind. The magazine contained fashion shoots, celebrity interviews and interesting articles. It also features some of Warner Leisure Groups stunning hotels across the country.
The 2014 Summer/Barbecue Voucher Book
Bursting with offers to make summer and watching England in the finals the ultimate feel good factor.
This booklet sponsored by Orange combines useful information, like how to move your broadband to your new residence, with features on interior design.
Published in tribute to NATO’s 60th anniversary, this magazine covers a wide range of subject, from the founding of the alliance, through the Cold War and the modern day challenges of the Balkans and Afghanistan.
Business First
Written by our team of award winning journalists and writers, this Sunday Times insert provided a comprehensive source of advice and guidance for senior management in improving business success.

Ingenious Britain
A government and EU sponsored publication on how innovation is essential to the prosperity of the UK and Europe, filled with articles on how to take ideas forward and grow businesses in harsh times.
R and S Energy
This stylish full colour insert provides valuable reading for anyone interested in renewable energy, climate challenges or government polices and supports Government and business agendas alike.
Golden Years
For the very first time, a magazine especially designed for pensioners to help them enjoy their retirement. Promoting the best deals from the biggest brands complete with free samples, plus interesting articles and professional advice.
Christmas Voucher Book
For the things you can’t rely on Santa for.. This book included great discounts on quality chocolate brands, soft drinks and from energy suppliers, helping you stay happy and warm over the Christmas period.
E-Health Magazine
This magazine gives an insight into how e-health opens new avenues for patient-centred medicine and how new technologies can empower patients.
Summer Voucher Book
Some of the best deals for the summer, with vouchers on everything from your favourite whiskey for the garden party and cleaning products for the day after.
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